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Comb honey is honey intended for consumption which is still contained within its original hexagonal-shaped beeswax cells, called honeycomb. It is eaten as produced by honey bees and has received no processing, filtering, or manipulation.

Comb honey and how it is taken off the hives. We take the completed comb honey out of the “supers” (bee hive) . Comb honey is taken directly from the hive just as the bees made it. All the nutrients, flavor and other wonderful properties that honey provides in one container of comb honey. Kids also like to keep chewing on the beeswax just like chewing gum. Comb honey is what our grandparents grew up on and it’s getting tougher to find beekeepers who produce comb honey.

Honeycomb is the most raw form of honey. It is beautiful to look at and delicious to eat and has a light color, a mild taste, an incredible clarity, and a slow rate of crystallization. The honey comb is entirely edible, can be eaten straight from the spoon, or on a toast, with fruit, in chunks into cereals or even over ice cream.

Storage and shelf life

We recommend to store the honeycombs in a dry place at room temperature, protected of direct sunlight. We can guarantee a Shelf life of 2 years from the production.

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