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Erica Manipuliflora Honey is mostly produced in the area of Gallipoli, but also in the entire Mount Ida. The honey that comes from Erica is characterized as a honey of exceptional nutritional value, due to the high content of pollen grains. It is rich in silicon, boron and barium. It is very beneficial to the body and that is why it is mainly sold in health food stores.

Erica Manipuliflora Honey has a strong taste, a characteristic fine aroma and a special color, which in the beginning is greenish, while during the winter it becomes dark brown or reddish like cognac. It is collected from September to November (a very rich flowering period for the plant), but there are also years that the plant is not produced at all. For this reason, but mainly for its properties, the demanding consumers, who are aware of this fact buy this honey wherever and whenever they find it.

In France Erica Manipuliflora Honey is considered to be one of the best honeys, along with the Chestnut and Lavender Honey. Beekeepeers place our bee hives every year across the south east side of Ida mountain, where the autumn heather flowers “Erica Manipuliflora” thrive, spreading their enchanting deep purple color over the area. This way we harvest a fully nutritious and tasty honey, Olvio Erica flower Honey. In Turkey it is also sold as a health food for childhood fevers, hay fever of heather pollen and for adult prostrate infection. It has a high biological and nutritional value due mainly to minerals, proteins, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins of the B complex. This honey has a particularly high protein content (2%) compared to other types of honey. It also has antiseptic and diuretic properties. A survey of 2012 found Erica flower honey had the highest content of phenols. Also, its high concentration of antioxidants helps to remove the free radicals produced as a result of metabolic reactions and interactions with environmental pollutants. The extermination of these free radicals prevents aging and improves overall health.

Regarding its taste, you will instantly feel the earthy intense flavor of Erica flower and when it starts leaving slowly then comes the after taste of smooth caramel.

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