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Bee pollen is the male germ cells of flowering plants. The bees collect it and use it as food for their offspring because it is very rich in protein (about 25%), vitamins, minerals and many others nutrients. It is the perfect food source for organisms with increasing nutritional needs.

Bee pollen is sometimes called “Nature’s gold”. Just imagine, one teaspoon of pollen takes one single bee eight hours a day for one month to gather! Each bee pollen granule contains over two million grains of flower pollen and one teaspoonful contains over 2.5 billion grains of flower pollen. Consume mindfully and gratefully!

Bee pollen has also long been used in human nutrition.

It is an excellent food supplement. It is rich in, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Free amino acids, Facts, Minerals (iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and sodium), Vitamins (mainly of type B but also of types E and C), polyphenols and flavonoids.

Harvested in the rugged and mountainous Aegean region of Turkey;  this pollen has a sweet taste with a soft texture. Nearly all of the hives are located 2200 feet above sea level where the bees visit plants such as pine, oak, chestnut and others.

Our Bee Pollen are fresh  and bee pollen free from any antibiotics or pesticides. It is straight from the hive.

Ingredients: Bee pollen granules from mixed floral sources

Certified organic

Vegetarian – Gluten-free

Many athletes use bee pollen to increase energy levels and enhance endurance and resistance.

Recommended intake 1-2 teaspoons daily with breakfast or before exercise

Precautions: If you are being treated for any medical condition, are pregnant, nursing or suffer from bee or pollen allergies, consult your doctor before use. Unsuitable for infants under 12 months old.

Allergen Statement: For those with allergies to pollen or bees, we recommend consulting your health care professional before consuming bee pollen.

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